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The world famous, awesome comedian, Kerri Pomarolli!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Home in Ga

It's 1:30 am...we're home at "Tara 2" my parents Ga home...Ron is passed out from all the outlet mall shopping and bag holding. It was crazy..mom got that look in her eye at 8:45 pm when she was told if she opened a store credit card today she could get an extra 40% off...it was a mad dash for both of us but we finished strong with several bags to show for it!

I wanted to write...funny..I am suppossed to be writing my article for Radiant mag but I couldn't figure out what to write about. So I'm passing the time playing with my other best friend my internet...aol emails..myspace...you get the picture. I have an addiction. I 'm also suppossed to be working out right now .But I had some m&m's put on the sweat pants and that's as far as I've gotten so far.
I hope to get something called "rest" while I'm here. I 'm told I'm overworked and I need to take a step back...well I'm sure all the fried chicken and southern food will help. In the south "ambrosia and mac and cheese" are considered veggies. I love this place.

A lot is going on..I'm working on my second book...wondering in one whole book based on my relationship with only one man could possibly be as interesting as the first book based on my relalationships with about 50 men? Who knows? We'll see?

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